About Us


Texas Backwoods Company was the dream of Derick Ross.

Derick worked in the oil & gas industry for 5 years as a Superintendent of Communications for one of the largest oil & gas service companies in the United States.

After pushing to better the equipment and service provided to the customers he built relationships with he decided to branch off and begin to design his own systems. After months of trials and errors in his home shop he finally put together what he believed to be a game changer. Backwoods Communications was born on January 23rd of 2015! It wasn't until mid 2017 that Texas Backwoods Company was created as the umbrella company to host Backwoods Communications Co, Backwoods Food Distribution Company, Backwoods Party Rentals, Backwoods Realty & Property Management and Backwoods Energy Consulting!

The current acting CEO is Derick Ross himself.

Derick Ross is a father of two beautiful children and is married to his beautiful wife Stephanie. Derick has 15 years of management experience 5 of which have been with a major competitor. Derick has made his name known in the oil and gas industry by working side by side with many of the major oil and gas operators' company men on hundreds of well sites and offshore.

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